Projects in Architecture and City Planning

The planning office and consulting team of Dr. Jürgen Rauch is specialized in urban metropolitan areas. Main issues of metroconsult are urban planning concepts, mastering growing needs of transportation and developments and patents containing the sustainable improvement of public transportation.

Solutions and projects with flexible platform screen doors

Cities grow very rapidly, as well as urban traffic, and in densly populated metropolitan areas each person and every workplace is increasing the number of transport relations, for which means and facilities have to be created and maintained.

metroconsult offers to companies, institutions and entities / operators maximum service in order to find solutions for public transportation.

We develop innovative solutions in order to design stations and transportation hubs more powerful   and safer, ad for preparing future developments.

Platform screen doors make platform edges in stations safer, persons can no more – willingly or unwillingly, fall into the space of the rails – they can no more be injured, and the operation of a station or line must not be interrupted.

In metros and trains for commuter traffic, platform screen doors with fixed and movable parts have become successful. As doors are on fixed positions, all circulating trains have to be equipped with doors at the same corresponding positions.

Flexible Platform Screen Doors

In a large number of metro systems, but also in commuter train systems with large distance trains, there are different trains with different door positions. Using the platform screen doors known in the market up to now, the door trains do not find corresponding openings of the platform screen door systems. 

Flexible Platform Screen Doors – in difference to conventional platform doors – make entering of passengers to the trains possible although trains with different numbers and positions of trains come to stop. By using a system with two parallel guide rails and a special system of control, any door position and door width can be created.

Passenger Flow Management System for urban and suburban trains

In inner city transportation systems, on platforms of interchange stations and other stations, the distribution of passengers often is very unequal concerning density of persons (per square meter). Passengers in very highly loaded / congested stations are often not well guided. With the passenger guidance system, it is possible to increase the passenger transport capacity and the velocity of passenger change, as well as the travel speed for the passengers in commuter train systems and metros without necessity for changing or enlarging the built infrastructure.

Urban Planning

The large cities in the world grow very fast, equally urban traffic is growing, and in the densely populated urban areas each person and each working place causes the increase of the number of traffic relations which have to be covered by an offer of transportation means and transport infrastructure.

Metroconsult is offering maximal service to companies, public authorities and operators in order to find solutions for our cities of tomorrow.

Human settlements must be designed in future to become environmentally sound. They shall not contribute to bring more carbon dioxide and other harmful gases or materials into water, soil or atmosphere.

At the same time, cities have to become resilient against the threatening consequences of climate change like flooding, heavy sudden rainfall (driving rain) but also summer heat.

Buildings have to shelter persons who live or work inside against heat and cold, without using harmful forms of energy.

Our capability is to find solutions for these ambitious tasks.

In 1900, 10% of mankind lived in cities. 2007, the rate was 50%. In 2050, 75% of mankind, estimated to count about 10 billion, will live in cities.

A large number of these mega cities will have more than 20 million inhabitants.

In 2011, 7 billion people live on earth, now, apart from November 2022, mankind reached 8 billion.

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