Architect – Urban planer – transport infrastructure 

The planning office and consulting team of Dr. Jürgen Rauch is specialized in urban metropolitan areas. Main issues of metroconsult are urban planning concepts, mastering growing needs of transportation and developments and patents containing the sustainable improvement of public transportation.

Dr.- Ing. Jürgen Rauch. Architekt – Stadtplaner – Planer für Verkehrsinfrastruktur.


City planning


Value Estimation for Buildings, Building Complexes, Urban Settlements

City and regional transportation planning,

Energy and land area saving solutions, infrastructure

Design of metro, railway stations and consultancy mainly to public transportation system owners, planners and industry

Methods of increasing capacity of metros and commuter railway systems

Design of innovative platform screen door systems for metro stations

Planning of buildings for public infrastructure; integration of metro systems into the transportation system of a city, technically concerning urban development and by means of architectural design

Design of innovative parking systems in cities and within limited space; design of commuter parking systems;

Development of materials of fire protection in confined spaces as there are tunnels and underground stations

Technology development support to manufacturers; support for innovative concepts of railway vehicles for public transport

Consulting for public transport operators, public authorities

Supervising the transport market

Consulting for the owner of the technical infrastructure (passenger information, communication, built structures)

Developing new solutions with the industry for rail vehicles, and for information technology

Parking guidance systems

Conception of modern intermodal station with park-and-ride; station operation technology

Industrial developments, new developments such as flexible platform doors

Planning for automated passenger counting for metros, train, buses

Passenger guidance systems for public transport; automated parking facilities

Fire safe tunnel building and lining technology

Planning camera surveillance – anti-terrorism measures in public transport and large public facilities; new card and fare collection technology modules and system modules for terrorism prevention to be combined with the transportation guidance system

Design of noise barriers